Dr. Taeyoung Kim

I enjoy building long-term relationships with my patients. It is rewarding to watch their progress during treatments and see when they ultimately achieve their dental goals. I like making a difference in lives, whether it is taking a patient out of pain or giving them their ‘dream smile.’ My goal is to provide caring and superior treatment so that each visit is a great dental experience.

Dr. Taeyoung Kim graduated from NYU with her dental degree in 2011. Since then she has been awarded with the Dr. Harry J. Gersten Award with honors in Prosthodontics.

In her free time she enjoys spending quality time with her son and going clamming!

Dr. Fred G. Fischer

Dr. Fred Fischer grew up in Michigan. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force upon graduation from high school and was assigned to Adair Air Force Station in Corvallis. “I was very impressed with Oregon. The lush vegetation reminded me of the forests in Michigan, only on a much larger scale and without the harsh winters!” After his tour of duty in the Air Force, Dr. Fischer decided to make Oregon his home. He did his undergraduate work at Portland State University and graduated from OHSU School of Dentistry in 1976.

Dr. Fischer utilizes the up to date technology and techniques offering comfortable, high quality care to all of our patients. “I believe everyone should be given the opportunity for optimal dental health. From healthy gums and bone to solid, high quality dental restorations, we strive to give you the smile you desire and the ability to chew any food you like.”

Dr. Fischer is a member of the American Dental Association, Oregon Dental Association and Washington County Dental Society. “I also enjoy continuing education and participate in many clinical courses in order to keep abreast of changes in materials and techniques. Much has changed since I graduated and it’s really been fun to continue learning over the years.” By the way, Tualatin Dental Care does not flit from one new product or technique to another. Before we make a change we want to see a clinical track record of at least 5 years, especially for new materials.

Dr. Fischer is married to Dr. Lynn Yu and they have twin children that were born in April of 2010. Lynn is also a dentist and she is working part time. Dr. Fischer’s free time these days is primarily occupied taking care of Alana and Keith, which are quite a handful.

Dr. Fischer welcomes you to our practice as a patient and friend. He prides himself on providing high quality care in accordance with each individual’s needs and desires. He makes every effort to treat each person as he would a member of his own family.

Dr. Sungyeob Baik

I believe that dentistry is about building relationships with patients. I want to ensure that each patient is as comfortable as possible as we work together to achieve the smile they deserve. I pride myself on doing the right thing for each patient every time. I enjoy giving all options and helping you understand your choices and the impacts they have on your overall health. I know that dentistry can be overwhelming and sometimes unexpected so I will make sure our treatments fit your lifestyle.

I completed my undergraduate work at Case Western Reserve University and graduated from New York University College of Dentistry with my dental degree in 2018. As a dental professional, I stay up to date on the latest advancements in dentistry to provide state of the art treatments to my patients.

When I am not at the office practicing dentistry, I like to spend time with my dog and go on weekend trips to explore the pacific northwest.

Claudia Escobar

Dental Hygienist

As a Dental hygienist my passion is to provide every patient with the tools necessary to succeed in improving their oral health and maintaining a healthy smile. I understand that each patient is different, therefore my goal is to personalize every patient’s experience and customize my approach to ensure a positive and comfortable dental visit.

I started my dental journey in 2014 at PCC Sylvania when I was accepted into the dental hygiene program that helped me become the experienced clinician I am today. I graduated in 2016 with an associate’s degree in Dental hygiene.

I have worked with all different types of patients which includes 2 years of experience working in a pediatric dental clinic. I also have worked with patients with progressive periodontal disease for the last 4 years. My focus is to help patients understand where they are with their periodontal health and answer any questions they have.

Other than my passion for working with my patients I also enjoy hiking, white water rafting and hanging out with friends and family. The other thing that keeps me busy is my 11-year-old dog Sunny, he’s quite the handful.

I look forward to becoming your hygienist and answering any questions you have about your oral health!

Justin Mai

Dental Hygienist

I graduated from Pacific University’s School of Dental Hygiene in 2018 where my cohorts and I have developed skills that allows us to practice up to the standards of modern dentistry and dental hygiene. Since then I have made sure to keep up to date with the latest developments in dental health sciences and technologies to make sure that I provide the best care possible.

Being a dental hygienist to me is about providing my patients with the knowledge and understanding of their oral health so that they may continue to stay healthy even after leaving their appointment. Along with that I do my best to provide a cleaning that is comfortable and thorough so that it is easier for patients to keep up with their oral hygiene.

I also understand that patients have different backgrounds and needs so each visit is customized in a way that fits with their current concerns. My goal is to answer all questions so that patients have a clear understanding of their oral health and have the tools necessary to improve. I want patients to know that I will work with them along the way as we develop a long-lasting relationship to support your dental needs.

Outside of my passion for dental hygiene and hygiene education, I am an avid gamer who loves all sorts of games – from single player to multiplayer online games as well as board games. When I’m not doing that, I am at the gym or outside with my two beautiful dogs enjoying a nice run or a leisurely time at the park.